How to remotely access your entire music collection without going through a third-party server.

This blog post is about how to use Z-Subsonic iOS app to access music stored remotely through Subsonic server. I developed Z-Subsonic over a year ago and created a dedicated forum thinking that will make it super easy for users. What I have found out is that a lot of people purchasing Z-Subsonic did not even know about subsonic and have no idea what to do with the app after they bought it! Read more »

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Watches for Galaxy Gear


I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. It lacked compelling clock apps so I designed and developed Watches for Galaxy Gear.

Much of the work and fun was in designing the watch faces and clock hands.

Maybe my judgement is skewed since I designed these but I think they are b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!

The app is available at the Samsung App store through Gear Manager.

Note: Some styles might not show up in the app store for another one week.

Some woodwork

I thought oil painting was a lot of work – it could take anything from 6 hours to days to complete a single painting, so thought I’d do some woodwork. Well it turns out to be a lot more work (at least to get the result I wanted), and more steps!

But I think I like the result.

SocialCountdown WordPress Plugin

I just finished work on a plugin that makes it super easy to integrate a SocialCountdown timer with WordPress.

Simply install the plugin, then include a shortcode as follows:

[sc_widget timerid=”<unique countdown id>”]

For example, the following shortcode…

[sc_widget timerid=”7f238445-b35a-4ef7-81be-7150afed280f”]

…produced the countdown timer below:

A small version of the widget can be created with…

[sc_widget timerid=”7f238445-b35a-4ef7-81be-7150afed280f” size=”small”]

Remote switch

The aim of this project was the control any mains appliance remotely through a power strip.

I built the system around a Netduino. It involved developing an embedded web service API that allowed me to individually control the solid state relays on the auxiliary board connected to the Netduino.

Creations from my CNC escapade

I recently built a CNC machine – never guessed it would be so hard to tame EMI and static electricity generated by all the moving parts.

Here are pictures of my creations. I first created the tables in 3D using blender, then transformed into wooden parts. The tables are strong enough to hold two adults!

Purple flower

I don’t know the name of this flower but I thought it was beautiful and snapped a picture.


MultiTimer – The best Android timer is now free

MultiTimer was free six months ago. What’s new? Read more »

Z-Subsonic featured in Best iPhone Apps book

I just discovered that version 2.2 of Z-Subsonic was featured in a book “Best iPhone Apps” by J D Biersdorfer. The current version is even way better than version 2.2.

Thanks J D Biersdorfer!

Nextgen WordPress plugin on Windows server

WordPress is fantastic and Nextgen plugin makes it even more useful. Installing Nextgen plugin was painless but then it didn’t work. Trying to create galleries, it would create folders on the server but then return with “No content found.” After turning on debug mode in wordpress, I found the problem is actually with the MySQL server.

WordPress database error: [Failed to read auto-increment value from storage engine]
INSERT INTO wp_ngg_gallery (name, slug, path, title, galdesc, pageid, previewpic, author) VALUES (‘testgallery’, ‘testgallery’, ‘wp-content/gallery/testgallery’, ‘testgallery’, ”, 0, 0, 1) Read more »

Promote yourself and your business with QR codes

QR codes stand for quick response codes and they are everywhere! From wine bottle labels to books. Unlike ordinary barcodes, QR code can contain alphanumeric information and when specially formatted they are even more powerful as a promotional tool. For example, all your personal contact detail, much more can be encoded in a QR code in vCard format. Print that and place it conspicuously in your office and clients can have your contact in their phone in 15 seconds by scanning it with the right app. An even can be promoted by encoding all the information; date/time, location etc in vEvent format in a QR code.

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