Promote yourself and your business with QR codes

QR codes stand for quick response codes and they are everywhere! From wine bottle labels to books. Unlike ordinary barcodes, QR code can contain alphanumeric information and when specially formatted they are even more powerful as a promotional tool. For example, all your personal contact detail, much more can be encoded in a QR code in vCard format. Print that and place it conspicuously in your office and clients can have your contact in their phone in 15 seconds by scanning it with the right app. An even can be promoted by encoding all the information; date/time, location etc in vEvent format in a QR code.

There are several ways to create a QR code but this article will focus on using FancyQR iOS app (

FancyQR is unique in that you can specify a human readable label to be part of the generated QR code. An example is the “Call Me” text on the generated QR code in the image to the left. The decoded QR code itself is a telephone number. The QR code generated by FancyQR is also easier on the eyes because most of the sharp edges are rounded, while still maintaining full compatibility with every QR code reader. FancyQR also reads and decodes QR codes in addition to generating QR codes unlike most other applications which either creates or reads QR codes.

Using FancyQR to create a vCard, telephone number, location, vEvent (calendar event) and general text QR code is very straightforward. Simply click the button corresponding to the type of QR code you want to create on the Create tab. Fill in the fields, click Next when applicable and finally, click Generate Code!. What is not so obvious is that the general text mode can be used to create URLs i.e. website links. This can be further applied to personal profile links for social websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Scanning QR codes with FancyQR is very fast and painless. Select the Scan tab and click the Camera button to scan a printed QR code or click the Image Library button to scan QR code from on image on your iPhone. When a QR code is detected and decoded, context sensitive menu options are provided. For example, you can easily create a new contact or add the information form a scanned vCard to your phone’s address book.

FancyQR maintains a history of scanned QR codes. Clicking on a history item displays the original scanned information.

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